Photo by Tracy S. Williams

I recently joined Pinterest through Facebook. It’s like most online social media networks. You share information, but through an online pin board.

My vision for Pinterest involved lots of food — especially ideas on how to make chocolate treats. It seemed like the perfect place for fun recipes I find online instead of filling up my real desktop or the virtual one on my computer.

Then, all the posts concerned about Pinterest’s terms of service appeared.

Marcy Kennedy at Girls With Pens shares a great list of links in her post — The Pinterest Problem

The Pinterest terms of service are important to understand as you are giving the company the right to use, sell or modify your photos. For this reason, you won’t find any of my own photos on this site.

Of course, if I continue to use Pinterest I’m not out of trouble. If you repin a photo, the Pinterest company doesn’t take any responsibility for a copyright violation. You are 100 percent responsible for any copyright violations.

Stacy Green mentioned her reasons to stay with Pinterest in her ROW Check-In on Sunday.

I’m still trying to make up my mind about whether to stay or go. What have you decided on the issue — are you saying yes or no to Pinterest?