From Bethany and Clar
From Clar

I want to thank Bethany Telles at Perched in a Tree and Clar at Clarbojahn’s Blog for giving me a couple of awards this week.

Most of you know these ladies. Bethany was a finalist in the MeeGenius Author Challenge with her fun story Waiting for James in a Sea of Pink. Bethany has changed up her blog a bit in recent weeks with her I Ponder … Wednesdays. Recent posts have included Would you write better without social media?,  Can you write, bravely? and Are your characters about YOU?

Clar has been busy getting her Annie’s Special Day published. She’s been sharing her  journey along with posts like Your given Name vs Your Pen Name, My BLOGAVERSARY. Why I Started Blogging and Why I keep On and Brand Yourself.

I haven’t answered questions for a blog award in awhile, so I thought I would share my answers to the Sunshine Award.

  1. Favorite Color: Black. It seems easy at first, but there are different shades (including faded). It really attracts other colors, er, lint and dog hair. 
  2. Favorite Animal: Zebra. I love them.
  3. Favorite Number: 3. I wish I had thought up the 1+1=3! Brilliant. 
  4. Favorite Drink: Water. I randomly will drink a Sprite. No tea or Coca Cola for this Georgia girl. 
  5. Facebook or Twitter: Twitter. I love the instant, brief communication. I’ve spent more time recently on Facebook, but I like Twitter best.
  6. Passion: Story telling — fiction and non-fiction. 
  7. Giving or receiving presents: Giving. I seriously do not need anything. I like to surprise people with a unique or fun gift. 
  8. Favorite Day: I’m with Clar on this one — Saturday. It’s a day by itself. Friday ends the week and Sunday begins the week for me. Saturday is a fun day. 
  9. Favorite Flower: Any flower in bloom on cactus. I used to live near a Texas visitor center with a cactus garden. Cactus flowers often end up on my personal notecards when I get crafty. 

Technically, I’m supposed to pass it around to others, but I think everyone under the sun has received these awards. If you haven’t, well grab one. It’s been one of those weeks (not in a bad way). Enjoy the sun and please visit Bethany and Clar, if you haven’t this week.

How’s the weather in your corner of the world this week? I’m feeling a bit of spring in Colorado.