A little fuzzy, but you can see the G for Georgia.
U is for UGA
I grew up in a small town where everyone knew you or knew of you. There was only one school I wanted to attend after high school — the University of Georgia. The fact more students were enrolled there than lived in my hometown appealed to me. I wanted to be a number and a journalism student. 
Many know the University of Georgia for its athletic programs, especially the Georgia Bulldogs football team. I attended one game when I was a student there. With a press pass, I did my best to shoot the game from the sidelines and not become part of a tackle.
Years later, I look for the football logo even though I don’t watch the games or follow scores. Recently, I saw a man in the grocery store wearing a Georgia shirt and spoke to him. He was from Alabama, but wore a red and black Dawg shirt. 
I’ve never been afraid to speak to someone wearing a University of Georgia logo. I stopped a man in a restaurant in Victoria Falls, who wore a red, Bulldog jacket. In Texas, a family I met in a Home Depot lived next to one of the students I tutored every week.
Some people don’t like being a number, but through the years I’ve found it’s a small world when you are part of a large pool of students.