210 pages or 70,680 words of the “vomit draft” ready for the red pen.

The revision process is under way for my memoir. During the time I didn’t touch the manuscript file, I read many posts on revising your work. I saved some of those to share for my Thankful Thursday posts in May.

Today, I wanted to share links to the Editor Spotlight series by Karen S. Elliott, The Word Shark. Karen offers proofreading, copy editing, and critique services on her blog, but she isn’t writing these posts. No. She’s paying it forward by highlighting other editors in the series. She’s that cool.

This is a note Karen shared at the bottom of one of the Editor Spotlight posts:

I realize that not every editor/proofreader is perfect for every writer. This is why I am presenting the series, Editor Spotlight. If you know an editor or proofreader who would like to participate, ask them to contact me at karenselliott AT midco DOT net. The Editor Spotlight series will be presented throughout the next several months in between my regular blog posts and special theme weeks. – Karen S. Elliott

I’ve found the posts informative. Here are links to the posts in the series:

My best take away after reading all these posts — get your work in its best shape before you turn it over to an editor. It will save you time, money and maybe a little heartache.

This week, Karen shares a Tribute to Moms — Mothers’ Week. These posts have been uplifting, thoughtful and helpful. For writers, you may find the post The magic of home-made chapbooks by Shawn MacKenzie helpful. Happy early Mother’s Day to all my mom friends!

How do you edit your work — do you hire an editor, use a critique group or something else?