I had some funky boots in high school.

Y is for youth

I have a notebook of poems and essays I wrote as a teen. While many are the standard angst filled pieces, I found this one to share with the characters Dude and Babe.  

One Minute Play 
Dude:  What’s the fuss about?
Babe: The toilet seat.
Dude: Looks fine to me
Babe: It’s up.
Dude: So.
Babe: It was made to be down. You always put the seat down. 
Dude: Couldn’t it just stay up.
Babe: But I’d have to always put it down.
Dude: Well, I always have to put it up.
Babe: Who cares?
The End
This was written on Aug. 14, 1988. I also wrote some young adult novels in my spare time. I’m guessing my parents properly destroyed all the papers I left under my bed. 
Oh, I cringe at the thought of these stories, but had so much fun writing them. Did anyone else do that?
My 80s, high school style.
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