Lara Schiffbauer, a note to Karen Elliott and Me 
I’m multi-tasking today. I share this picture of Lara Schiffbauer, our note to Karen Elliott and me at the recent Pikes Peaks Writers Conference for a reason. Karen didn’t make it to the conference. We missed her. 
Our connection? We met through a blog and Facebook group. You can find out the name of the blog  at Jennifer Young’s Castles in the Sky today. For her Let’s Ask series, she asked me to pick two blogs that helped me grow the most during my writer’s journey and answer why. 
Speaking of Wish You Were Here — and no I did not plan the sign and this —Robyn Campbell of Putting Pen to Paper won the drawing for a copy of Beth K. Vogt’s Christian Romance novel Wish You Were Here. I’ve sent Robin an email. 
I added some tag bling.
The conference was wonderful. I’m ready to dig into the memoir manuscript after several revision, synopsis and editing workshops. 
I found myself in a bit of social media trouble at the conference after a mangled tweet. I tweeted from a workshop. Someone retweeted, but modified it without noting they had modified my tweet. 
I wanted to meet agent Donald Maass. Instead of a “hey I appreciate all the things you do for writers” comment,  I said that plus — “If you see a tweet from me, I didn’t call your point bullshit.” Did I mention it was awkward? 
Two writer friends stood a foot away snickering, because they couldn’t believe I was explaining this to Donald Maass. Hey, I never know if these big guys read their tweets and at mentions or not. What could be worse than explaining this to his face? Well, if he saw the tweet, actually remembered me and thought, “She was nice to my face, but called my point bullshit.” I don’t think it mattered to him, but it mattered to me. He kindly listened to my explanation. 
Rember the Dooney & Bourke bag? Well, it met Mark Coker of Smashwords at the airport.
Another fun part of the conference was I volunteered to pick up a faculty member at the airport. I was assigned Mark Coker of Smashwords. While he texted a warning he’d be late, I left my house early to avoid being covered in snot and mashed potatoes. 
My instructions were to make a sign and provide a bottle of water. I stuffed the Dooney & Bourke bag with water, a Kindle, notebooks (I wrote my April 12×12 in 2012 manuscript while waiting for his flight), a few snacks just in case and a sign. I had a normal sign and one with a reference to a line in his Twitter bio: Battler of Squirrels. 
I wimped out on just holding up the Twitter bio sign, because last minute I had an Oh I’m representing the writers conference moment. He liked the Twitter bio sign. 
A key lesson I learned during this airport shuttle: I really need adult time before picking someone up at the airport. I babbled about lots of writerly things, plus my ability to attract police with my speeding.
I’m grateful you followed my memoir posts for the the A to Z Challenge. I can’t thank you enough. The challenge, the writer’s conference and some real life things left me feeling challenged most of the month. They also made me want to write more. 
So this week, I’m doing the National Picture Book Writing Week Challenge
What are you up to this month? I’d love to hear from you.