Some of my Perfect Picture Books from the library.

Today is Perfect Picture Book Friday. I hope you’ll stop by Susanna Leonard Hill’s blog to check out today’s list.

I’m not adding one this week, because all the books I’m reading are recommendations from the Perfect Picture Books list.

Of course, I had to check out the Gluten-Free Cupcakes book.

My other reading time has been filled with cookbooks and diet books. I’m not going on a diet, but most of the books are selling a quick weight loss answer. I’ve been squeezing these books into my daily routine for more than a month in anticipation of a doctor’s recommendation. This week, we were told Hubby may avoid surgery, if we eat a Paleo diet (think cave man) or remove gluten from our diet.

So, we’re reading the cookbooks including the ones screaming about weight loss. I’m smiling when someone says, “I would just die if I can’t eat bread.” And, remain grateful for public libraries where I can check out all these books for free to see if they are something my family can use.

Hope you have a great weekend. What are you reading?