I know. It sounds kinda dark. The blog is a little dark too — as in a black background with white letters. Most bloggers know that doesn’t work all the time. When the topic is death, well, I say it does.

The Death Writer aka Pamela writes about death. She doesn’t write about death in a creepy or gory way. Instead, she puts a very human touch on an unpleasant experience.

I found her blog during the book tour for Susan Oloier’s book Fractured. The Death Writer shared her own experience of a miscarriage in this post Unspeakable Loss and talked about Susan’s book. I needed that blog post, because several women around me had miscarriages in recent months.

In Pamela’s about me she writes:

I blog about death, but don’t let that scare you. I wrote my master’s thesis on people who work with death and turned it into a memoir. I think talking about death is important. Heck, reading about it and then talking about it is cool too! Despite the scary death writer name, I’m a pretty funny gal.

Her blog schedule also illustrates a great niche blog. Her posts include Monday Mournings where she interviews people about how they dealt with death, Tuesday features a movie that has death in it and every other Wednesday features a writer, who has written about death, or a person, who deals with death in his or her profession.

I shared about Jimmy’s death for this Monday Mournings: The Death of a Spouse post. It’s an interesting series, because everyone is so different. If you ever write about death, The Death Writer’s site is definitely a resource to investigate death issues and how people grieve.

I hope my friends in the United States had a wonderful Fourth of July. We enjoyed an evening without fireworks in Colorado. The Waldo Canyon Fire is 90 percent contained. A round of applause for the firefighters!

Our community was hard hit by this fire as two people died and 346 homes were destroyed. Are you Prepared? is a great post from the Writing From the Peak blog for the Pikes Peak Writers group. I never considered what work I would take or leave in an emergency until last week. It reminds me of how many picture book manuscripts I have written in longhand versus typing in a file I can store in the “cloud.” Adding type manuscripts to my To Do list.

Let’s see, I’ve talked about death and a devastating wildfire. Want to wow us with something fun? A napping cat video or a funny baby?