Small decisions can hang around. 
Oops. This blows the cover off Hubby’s secret identity.
My proof. A box holding a flower bulb. I fretted over this “favor” or small token of appreciation to give guests attending our wedding four years ago. Wedding websites offer a wide range of items in cuteness and price. Most were neither practical nor useful. 
The bulbs worked well on the tables and most survived the trip home. We got married in Custer, South Dakota. Only two guests lived in the state. The rest of us arrived by car, plane or RV.
Each table included a grandparent, parent or sibling’s wedding photo.
Andy and I killed ours flowers in the Texas heat, but received a gift of bulbs from my cousin Beth in Idaho when we settled in Colorado. Her wedding “favor” continues to bloom in her beautiful yard. We have a few in our yard now too. 
A few flowers found their way into my “watercolor” efforts for class. 
One of my attempts to draw and paint using watercolors.
The flowers gave me a break from trying to sketch another scene. They also provide a fun memory of our wedding every time I see them in the backyard. I remain thankful this little favor keeps giving each year.
What small decisions are hanging around in your life?