I’m really still alive.

I attended the Pikes Peak Writers Conference last week and had a blast. Such fun talking with writers, pitching my memoir In a Blink,  and speaking with agents, editors, and authors.

My guest post on Writing from the Peak is up for the month. It was up Monday, but that’s also the day I got up at 3:30 a.m. to take an agent and editor to the airport. Volunteering at a conference is a great reminder that agents and editors are real people. We chatted a bit about the conference, but the bulk of the conversation I recall at that witching hour was about food, special diets, and grocery store options. Yep, writing is a business, but we’re all just regular folks.

My post on Writing from the Peak: Add “Submit” to Your Writing Process is about submitting. I’m a Write. Revise. Repeat. kinda gal. This year, I’m stretching beyond that by adding Submit. I’m still feeling out this aspect of writing. Rejections now appear in my inbox, but it’s part of the learning process.

Post-conference remains busy. While I received a request for the memoir, I also received feedback on an area to improve and a book recommendation for non-fiction books.  So, I’m taking the time to do those things before a single page is printed and mailed.

On the picture book front, I’m revising four manuscripts to have ready for Big Sur in the Rockies. I need two and a query letter, but want to have extras ready. Plus, I need to be prepared to work during my weekend away from family.

Did I mention finals week too? I love a busy life.

How’s your writing going: are you submitting this month?