I hope you all have a very blessed Easter.

March turned into a tough month for me — not in a bad way, but a busy one. April will be similar as I prepare for two writing events.

I’m finalizing my pitch for my memoir In a Blink for the Pikes Peak Writers Conference. This will be my third year in attendance and the first time I’ve pitched. The last time I actively pitched this manuscript was 2009. Be calm and pitch on!

After volunteer duties at the conference (including a 4:45 a.m. transport to the airport), I have final projects due as the semester wraps up at school.

Throughout the month, I’ll be working on my picture book manuscripts and query letters for the Big Sur in the Rockies. I’m excited about this opportunity and a little nervous about trying to get my stories in the best shape prior to Big Sur.

To help in the process, I took Susanna Leonard Hill’s Making Picture Book Magic course in March.

My level of interaction with my class and Susanna, didn’t show my true enthusiasm for the class. I know there are tons of classes out there, but I really, really liked this format — especially during a busy month.

Monday through Friday I received an email with the day’s lesson and instructions for the assignment. Susanna wasn’t kidding about the time involved with each lesson. It’s manageable in 30 minutes or less each day.

I know there are tons of classes out there, but wanted to mention I found Susanna’s class to be extremely helpful and informative. The class offers opportunity for a lot of interaction among participants and with Susanna. When I was able to do this, I found it very useful.

That’s a long way of saying, I’m going to take a break from here while I hunker down for a month of revisions, reading the books several friends recently published, and a few other projects including blog visits.