A pair of zebras resting in the Ngorongoro Crater in Tanzania.

I loved watching zebra run, walk and rest while on safari in Africa years ago — seems like a lifetime ago and in many ways it was. When zebras rest, they often do so like in the photo above. My first safari guide mentioned this pose and said zebras do this to look out for predators. Two sets of eyes can take in the 360-degree view.

When I see a zebra, I think of the zebras I saw in Tanzania and Kenya — friends looking out for each other. I consider my bloggy friends — especially writers in this way. Many have helped me by sharing information or saying, “Hey you have a huge typo!” I appreciate finding myself among such a supportive network of writers.

This week was no different.

I was pleased with the feedback I received from my guest post at Julie Hedlund’s Write Up My Life blog for the 12×12 in 2012 pre-published participants. I look forward to all the Tuesday posts in the series.

Plus, I received several awards this week. So instead of sharing one specific resource on this Thankful Thursday, I’ll share something about the writers, who shared their awards with me.

Thanks to you all for adding a little pizzaz to my week. Have a wonderful Thursday!

An award from Kelly Korenek, Beth Stillborn, Catherine Johnson

An Award from Kelly Korenek, Diane The Patient Dreamer, Catherine Johnson
An award from Christy Farmer