Here’s my entry into Susanna Leonard Hill’s children’s Valentine’s story contest: 

A star-crossed starter and dessert 
Classmates Belgian and Dijon

“Make a Valentine,” Belgian and Dijon groaned.
Mrs. Chef insisted her students get on board. “Write anything,” she said. “Just try.”
So, Belgian grabbed a bright, yellow paper and wrote to Dijon: 
Be mine in a brine!
“Here’s one,” Dijon said scrawling on a green heart:
You make my cake!
Belgian scribbled on a white heart:
You always have to be first,
When others are full of thirst.
Dijon’s face turned red, “Here!” she said throwing a pink heart at Belgian:
You always go last,
Which helped me in my cast.
Belgian’s face turned red now. Dijon tried to be nice.  So, he wrote on a red heart:
Oh you are smelly
You hurt my belly
You are so spicy
“I’m not spicy,” Dijon shouted. Determined to end this. On a brown heart with red glitter, she wrote:
Oh you are smelly
You hurt my belly
You are so sweet
“What does that mean?” Belgian asked.
“It means you’ve got to say you’ll be my Valentine or we won’t get to play,” Dijon said.

“Okay,” Belgian said. “Race you outside.”
“You can’t win,” Dijon said. “I’m always first.”
The End

What Belgian really wanted to write!
What Dijon really wanted to write!
If you’ve made it this far, you might be wondering about me or this story. The rules require writing a children’s story — poetry or prose — maximum of 200 words “about unlikely Valentines.” Stories began posting to this link on Feb. 11. There’s still time to enter — if you post by today (Feb. 13) at 5 p.m. EST.
The inspiration. Bonus, Hubby let me keep the candy bar. Sweet.
I love both chocolate and mustard (you can read about it in my About Me page) and decided they should love one another in his and her own way. 
I’ll be back for a little bit of Romance on Tuesday. I’m not sure I can top combining chocolate and mustard, but I’ll have some help from a special doctor’s lady.