Guess who owns this board book? Note the corner.

Today, I’ve chosen Snuggle Puppy for Perfect Picture Book Fridays.

Snuggle Puppy 
Written and Illustrated by Sandra Boynton
Workman Publishing, 2003
Snuggle Puppy is based upon the song of the same title from Boynton’s book/cd set, Philadelphia Chicken.

Suitable for: Ages 2 and up. We’ve been reading this to Enzo before he was born.

Theme/Topic: Family, Encouragement, Love

Opening: Well, I have a thing to tell you,
and it won’t take long —
The way I feel about you is kind of a song.

Brief Synopsis: A parent sings a love song to his/her child. I can’t tell if the dog is the Mom or the Dad. 

The back cover says:  Ooo, Snuggle Puppy of mine. Everything about you is especially fine. And, enourgaes you to check out eight more books from Boynton.

Link to Resources:
The Mommy and Me Book Club offers a craft, a song and activities using conversation hearts to go with the book.

I’ve had parenting issues on my mind this week, so here’s a link for parents to a discussion about how we raise our children. A blog comment I made about being CEO of Enzo Corp. made Sharon Bially’s post. The comments add another layer to her post looking at how Americans and French parents do it. Posts like this are why I love Veronica’s Nap, the blog and the book.

As always, fun illustrations from Boynton.

Why I chose this book: As CEO of Enzo Corp., I focused on market research (or asked other parents for suggestions). My parenting conundrum: Enzo seems too young to move to a toddler bed, but he’s jumping the crib railing. He hasn’t fallen. He’s tall for his age (everyone tells me) and hooks a leg over the top rail. His freedom soon turns to panic and cries as he clings with all his might until I rescue him. He’s done this twice at random.

A temporary solution courtesy of a Facebook friend involved rearranging his room. I slept little this week. The toddler bed transition will create it’s own challenges, but I’ll feel better as he’ll be closer to the ground.

How this relates to Snuggle Puppy? Enzo chose this book one night before bed. His giggles at the singing and smooching gave me a much needed boost of energy.

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