Sit and stay a spell. Let’s talk.

I’ve been wondering about blog comments recently. I try to respond to each one. Blogger’s new function to have nested comments — or the ability to reply to each individual post — is nice. I like the conversation.

A little problem arrived in my inbox on Saturday and Sunday as I responded to comments. My inbox filled up with all the notifications when a comment is posted. Then, it hit me. Everyone who who signed up for comments is getting all those comments too.

On high traffic days, say Perfect Picture Book Fridays, I don’t sign up for comment notifications. I’m not a numbers gal but multiple the participants by comments by responses and you have a flooded inbox. So, if I ask a question, I return to the post.

I’ve noticed some people don’t respond to comments in the blog, rather they send an email response to comments. Waving to Robyn Campbell from Putting Pen To Paper. Robyn does this with her Blogger blog and kindly explained the highly scientific way to do this (or just hit reply to the email notification).

Keli Gwyn has a WordPress blog and does this. That’s how I found the correct answer to her Friday Fun Victorian Style post last Friday.

Laura Barnes wrote a post about this topic back in October 2011. I found Comments, Comments, Comments through her search button. She offers tips on how to respond to comments and asks the question: Is it silly to expect people to return to your blog to read your response to comments? 

It’s a valid question. I may try an experiment this week and respond to comments like Robyn and Keli via email. I’ll answer questions on the blog.

Do you care if a blogger responds via email to your comment or do you prefer to check the original post? I’m interested in the feedback.

On Wednesday, dead men will be here.

Just kidding. Author Nancy Lauzon will stop by to talk about her new book A Few Dead Men. I hope you are able to meet her.

Update: Wouldn’t you know I would begin a conversation and then be away from the computer. I saw the first comments via my iPhone in a doctor’s waiting room (all is OK) and decided not to email responses, because it sounds like everyone is getting too many emails.