My Kindle Fire meets the Gummy Bear video playing iPad

Our family grew in recent weeks. An iPad arrived on our doorstep courtesy of my Mom and Dad. It’s really not for me or Hubby as the inscription on the back says:

Let’s Facetime! Love Grandma and Grandpa

With no warranty available for damages, I’ve been hesitant to let Enzo “go crazy” with it.

I wrote about the Kindle Fire here. I continue to enjoy the ereader, especially the ability to highlight and type notes as I’m reading books. A key reason for getting the Fire is it offered iPad like options without the price.

We like our Apple products in this house, so iPad was welcomed with open arms. I’ve had to fight off Hubby and Enzo for time to test its capabilities. Enzo thinks the iPad should be playing the Barkside Ad  or the Gummy Bear videos. He gives a belly laugh no matter what language we choose from the You Tube app.

I’ve found several ways to use the iPad, while away from the Apple desktop.

  • Plaintext is an app that offers a clean writing environment. No bells or whistles. It’s free. I can create different folders of files. I can get the word count of a current document. I can email it to myself. I can also put it in an off-site storage site and then open it on my iPhone or my desktop computer. It doesn’t create a Word document, but with a few keystrokes on the desktop I have the material in a Word document.
  • As I wrote this post, I discovered I could put my iPhone apps on the iPad during the sync process. I use an app called BlogPress from my iPhone to draft blog posts. I’ll have to see how it works with the iPad.
  •  Children’s books are interactive on the iPad. I saw the review and interview with Bella Goes Bump in the Night authors Derek and Gina Roché on Children’s Books Heal. What a fun experience with Enzo! We have the option to listen to the book, read the book or auto play. Plus, Enzo can color pages from the book on the screen. 
  • I organized the iPad with folders for different categories of apps. Apps are the software programs available from businesses, software developers, authors, etc. I have folders for writing reference apps, Social Media apps, Enzo/educational apps, Hubby apps, book apps, news apps, etc. 
The majority of apps I have on the iPad are either free or were downloaded from my iPhone. I’ve never paid more than $2.99 for an app. I studied reviews of several word processing apps for writers to use on the iPad. I seriously considered one for $9.99. 
After a little analysis of how I am able to use the iPad around Enzo, I decided to go with the basic writing environment of the free Plaintext app. It’s sufficient at drafting longer notes and thoughts while Enzo is awake. If it’s naptime, I’ll go to the desktop to work on a software program I already own for more detailed work. If I begin using the iPad as more of a laptop, I might reconsider. 
Another great gift from my parents was the iPad Camera Connection Kit. This allows me to download photos from my SD card to the iPad. 
The SD card fits into the little connection device in the iPad
I can send photos via email to the grandparents more quickly with this device. Smart thinking grandparents! I typically use the iPhone camera for blog photos, because it eliminates a download step to the computer. This connector may make me rethink how I take my photos.
The kit also includes a connector to use with a camera cable. 
I could envision the iPad might make it easier to blog on the run. You would just need a WiFi connection. For those using WordPress, there are several WordPress apps too. 
Here’s the iPad in use in the kitchen by Hubby to display a new recipe he tried on Saturday night. 
I think 2012 will be filled with lots of technology exploration at our house. We are grateful my parents gave us such a fun gift. 
If you have an iPad, how do use it? If you don’t, do have a vision of how you would use it?
For the record, I haven’t used the iPad to read a book yet.