I had you hooked at chocolate didn’t I?

No, I’m talking about a group blog called Hugs and Chocolate. This group had me signed up when I saw Tonia Marie Harris and Jamie Raintree were involved. I follow these ladies around the Internet and have enjoyed their contributions to this group blog.

There are several ladies writing for the blog. You can read about the Founders and Co-Founders here. On the about page, Heather L. Reid shares the idea behind the Hugs and Chocolate site. I love this line from her:I know there are a lot of blogs for writer’s out there, awesome ones, and I hope you’ll make room in your hearts for one more.”

If you don’t have time for one more blog (or if you do), consider checking out a handful of revision posts I enjoyed from the site: 

Hugs and Chocolate’s tag line is “inspiration, information, and motivation.” You’ll find a variety of posts on the site. I just shared the revision posts since that’s been my focus this month.

 Isn’t it fun to see a group blog and soak up all the collaboration and good vibes?

Mike Allegra blogs at heylookawriterfellow. He gave me the Versatile Blogger Award. Thank you Mike. He’s participating in the 12 x 12 in ’12 challenge unofficially since he learned about it too late. He’s signed up for the 2013 challenge. Mike has a children’s book Sarah Gives Thanks being published in the fall.

Once you visit his site, I think you’ll agree he has a memorable photo in his blog’s banner. Before you read his About Me page, please read his About You page. Yep. That’s your smile for the day.