Our library’s summer reading program begins today. Enzo will be signed up soon. Not today as it’s my first day of class. I’ve filled our library hold list with all types of books from Perfect Picture Book Fridays.

Dog Food
Written and Illustrated by Saxton Freymann (The cover also lists Joost Elffers)
Book design by Elizabeth B. Parisi
Photography by Nimkin/Parrinello
Arthur A. Levine Books
An Imprint of Scholastic Press/New York, 2002

Suitable for: Ages newborn and up

Theme/Topic: Dogs, Food, Art

Opening: Good dog!

Brief Synopsis: Fruits and vegetables become dogs in this book — all shapes and sizes. With each page, these food shaped dogs demonstrate “top dog,” “underdog,” “dog fight” and so on.

Link to resources: Try to create a dog in the book. One of my favorite animals is a poodle made from broccoli. The dogs made from banana peels are very appealing. I searched for tips on how to sculpt bananas. I don’t recommend this. Some links didn’t appear normal or suitable. A local blogger Shannon has this BentoLunch.net site. The ideas on this site make me want to pack my lunch every day.

Why I chose this book: My son recently figured out how to get into the stash of books in his closet. This book was among the piles. “This,” he said handing it to me. That’s Enzo speak for “read it.” He giggled at some of the dog food creations. Dog Food is also one of the books I have watched him study the pictures as he turns the pages — all while he is supposed to be napping.

Availability may be a problem for this title. There are several books using food sculpted into neat characters such as Fast Food, Food For Thought, Food Play and How Are you Peeling? Your library may have one of these titles to investigate.

I goofed on the posting time for my Thankful Thursday post. If you have time, I mentioned a group blog Hugs and Chocolate and shared a picture book blogger Mike Allegra.

I’ll be in my design and color class most of Friday, but will read through the Perfect Picture Book over the weekend. My teacher says there should be no Facebooking or texting in class. So, I won’t be checking blog posts! I can’t afford to lose participation points, since the class involves drawing and painting supplies. Did I mention I don’t draw? Have a wonderful weekend.

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