Enzo remains up to his usual antics.

It’s OK to wince. 

Strangers did every where we’ve been with Enzo since last Thursday. 

He broke his arm. He tripped and fell in the living room on the carpet. There were no super hero jumps or Olympic moves. He ran. He fell. 

People anticipate a better story. I can tell by their reactions that “he tripped and fell” doesn’t satisfy. 

He did well during the four-hour trip to the ER. None of us enjoyed the X-rays. We were able to get a cast on Friday morning after a few hours of sleep. 

The cast is doing its job. Enzo runs around like normal. He’s managed to black his eye and bloody his lip and knees. We anticipate about four weeks in the cast and then a splint. 

I’m thankful the cast is protecting his arm. The break needs to heal. Getting him to rest or slow down is always another story. 

Many  people have said, “Welcome to raising a boy” when they see the cast. I pray we don’t have years of these types of falls ahead of us. I like a drama-free life, especially in the area of family health. 

I may craft him an outfit out of Bubble Wrap and packing tape. It would make me feel better.