The “thing” I shared

A couple weeks ago, my Mothers of Preschoolers (MOPS) group gathered for its final meeting of the year. Moms shared their favorite thing during the meeting.

Lots of fun things were shared at the meeting. I heard it was exciting, but wasn’t able to attend due to a meeting in connection with my graphic design classes. Instead, I received a goody bag later filled with items from my table mates.

I fretted over the favorite thing to share. Just one item? My choices were narrowed down to a sweet treat, a picture book or office supplies. Due to time and delivery methods, I created the above item. A bag filled with Post-it notepads, postage stamps, blank note cards, a pencil and a note in each bag.

I received fun favorites from the ladies at my table — popcorn and a Redbox code, a joy jar (decorated jar with blank slips of paper for notes of joy), a photo card, a caramel square, tea, pretzels and a lip balm. I admit — I loved the Nivea lip balm the moment it touched my lips.

I’m thankful I was able to participate in MOPS this year. The leadership offered an assortment of speakers and activities (crafts!) throughout the year. By providing childcare for the meetings, it allowed moms a few hours to rejuvenate. I learned a lot from the speakers, the ladies in the group and the lovely ladies at my Table 3.

What favorite thing would you share?