Photo By Tracy S. Williams
The streets are paved with purple? Or are they?
I altered three areas of this photo, so maybe it’s purple or not. 
I’ve decided to keep my once a week blog schedule. I used to post three times a week and enjoyed it. Over the summer, I took a break from that schedule as I added some community college courses into my routine. The classes were fun and now fall semester is in full swing. 
My class load isn’t overwhelming — two website design classes. I’m also assembling a digital photography portfolio to get credit for prior learning for a course. Throw in writing, revision and a little thing called family and life. Well, it you are doing the math, it adds up to busy. 
Who isn’t busy? 
Silence. I can’t think of a single person. 
The once a week blog schedule is my way of keeping my world in check. I may post on other days at random, when I have a guest or when I’m on another blog. And, I’ll still be reading and stopping by your blogs to say, “Hi.”
I’m thankful that I’m old enough to realize there are only so many hours in the day. Now, to return to the dream of a place with purple streets. 
I’ll see you for Perfect Picture Book Fridays