Perfect Picture Book Fridays is back! (This deserves more than one exclamation point, but I’ve already broken the rule of allowing one exclamation point per 100,000 words. Don’t worry this is short.) 
Here’s my selection this week. 

The Splatters Learn Some Manners
Written by Marty Mokler Banks
Illustrated by Cecilia Rébora
Harvest House Publishers, 2009

Suitable for: Ages 3 and up

Theme/Topic: Manners, Rhyme

Opening: The Splatters are messy,
Disheveled, uncouth.
So vulgar and sloppy,
It’s just the sad truth.

Brief Synopsis: The Splatters are a messy family until they get an invitation from the Duches to join her for a family dinner. The catch? The family needs to clean up their home and themselves plus learn some manners. Activity pages from School Express on Manners.

Link to Resources: I’m terrible at singing with my son, but I found this site which includes two manners songs.

Why I chose this book: I mentioned the author Marty in a post about the local SCBWI group. She released a chapter book and as I encouraged people to scoop up her book for free, I found The Splatters on Amazon. I found a copy at the local library to check out the first time Enzo and I read it. Now, we own a copy.

The illustrations are rich in color and show a quirky multi-generational family. It’s a feast of words and pictures.

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