Do you have a Gravatar profile? I ask this question and share my mug for a reason. WordPress recently changed how it allows comments. Linda Cassidy Lewis sheds light on the topic here and here.
The first time I had trouble commenting on a WordPress blog I assumed it was me. I soon realized I could say, “It’s not me. It’s you WordPress.”
The change won’t kill me, but it reminded me of why I have a account. It’s a globally recognized avatar. I uploaded the mug shot I use across all my social media accounts, typed in my email address and added links to my blog, Twitter and Facebook page. When I log into my WordPress account, it links to this Gravatar page. People can find me in several places online at this Gravatar page.
Sometimes I can log into WordPress. Hit the change button next to the message saying “You are commenting using your account” and type in my blog’s address in place of the Gravatar address.  
I bring this up, because it’s important to ask yourself: Where do I want people to meet me online? I want to send people to my blog in one click.
WordPress gives you the option of using WordPress, Twitter or Facebook to comment. 
I used to comment on WordPress blogs with my Twitter account. This linked people straight to my Twitter profile. If they wanted to check out my blog, they had to click another link. With help from other bloggers, I figured out how to sign in with my Blogger address connected to my comments. The recent WordPress change makes this harder.
The comment process hasn’t been smooth for me in recent weeks. As other issues have consumed my time, I’ve found myself writing comments that won’t post. I do my best to post, but sometimes I have less time than patience. Add in the double word captcha Blogger uses to verify I’m not a spammer and I’m speechless — as in I can’t post a comment. 
Has anyone else figured out a work around to the WordPress comment conundrum?
Thanks to all who commented on my Thankful Thursday post. I appreciate you all. The winner of the $10 gift card is August McLaughlin. She was selected as the winner via 
This Thursday, I’m taking a posting break. I’m wrapping up my A to Z Challenge posts for April. Oh, the ABC fun. 
I’ll be back on Friday with a Perfect Picture Book Friday here and will have a guest post about memoir at Marilyn Almodóvar’s blog Writing on the Sunny Side of the Street.
Hope you have a great week. I’m thinking happy thoughts for comments and counting to 10 for more patience.