I found children’s author Rob Sanders’ blog in November during the Picture Book Idea Month Challenge. Both his blog Picture This! and website are filled with wonderful resources, fun illustrations and information.

Since I have A to Z on the brain this week, I wanted to highlight his recent series the Picture Book Writer’s Glossary. He shares definitions to various writing terms. Many of the entries have links to previous posts he’s written.

His blog makes me feel like I’ve won the picture book information lottery. 
On his website, Rob Sanders Children’s Author, welcomes visitors to his site as “A home away from home for writers, teachers, and kids. Come back often, the door is always open.” I would encourage this. 
Rob says, “I’m a writer who teaches and a teacher who writes.” His blog posts are always informative and helpful. His first picture book Cowboy Christmas is scheduled to be released by Golden Books-Random House in the fall. 
If you click on the “Hey Kids” icon, you can find downloadable writing activities — a couple with a cowboy theme just like his book — and cowboy recipes. 
Teachers can find a page on “Tips for helping kids find their writing voice!”Parents can find a sheet of writing tips sheet. His writing pledge is for kids, but honestly it wouldn’t hurt for me to recite it every day. 
Rob also offers critique services too.
While his sites are focused on picture books, I believe they offer any genre writer a great example of how to offer unique information to a both readers and fellow writers. If you study author websites, add Rob’s site to your homework list. 
Don’t get too distracted by the skunk’s cuteness. Kelley mentioned in her award post about a pitch contest. You may want to hop over to Forever Rewrighting to read the details of what agent Tricia Lawrence will read in the contest. It’s open from Feb. 13-17. Lawrence is a new agent and is well established in YA/MG. 
Happy Groundhog Day!