Maybe this should be named the Several Things Happened on the Way to the A to Z Challenge.

As I mentioned in my Thankful Thursday post, I’m grateful folks took time to read the memoir posts I wrote for the challenge.

Instead of writing all my posts before the challenge, I wrote them in three batches. My outline for each letter held firm, except for two.

Here’s a breakdown of my A to Z month:

  • Visits — I tried to keep up with my regular blogging buddies plus visit A to Z blogs. I visited 85 new blogs from the A to Z sign up list. Participants were asked to visit five a day, so I failed this task. 
  • Reading — I read more in April than I have in several months, so this hampered my blog visits.
  • Conference — I attended the Pikes Peak Writers Conference. This weekend kept me more unplugged than I anticipated, but it was a good thing. 
  • Goals — A personal goal this year was to read Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows during the break after I typed the end in my memoir manuscript and before I began revisions. I took an almost two-month break from the manuscript, I did not open my file until the day after I finished the Harry Potter book. Then, I printed the first chapter for a revision workshop at the conference.
  • Technical — During April, I had a few glitches on my blog. The source of my streamlined subscription buttons disappeared during the first few days of the month. I fiddled with my email subscription delivery and delayed delivery one day. Then, Blogger changed its format. As I understood it, Blogger wants you to use your G+ (Google Plus) profile. Then, when I commented on other blogs, I received feedback people couldn’t find my blog. Anyone want to share how I can comment on a Blogger blog and leave a link to my blog in the comment?
  • Personal — We had house guests, a series of medical tests for Hubby and lots of activities during the month. I also spent time investigating how to return to school to study website design and digital images. Hubby says I’ll be like Shirley from the TV show Community. Well, if you read that bio, not everything is the same. I would share my brownie recipe.
  • Connections — I will continue to follow some bloggers I met during the challenge. Other blogs were too specialized in an area that doesn’t interest. I was impressed by the variety of topics and themes writers used for the challenge. The diversity was inspiring.
Will I do it next year? I’m not sure. I need to evaluate my time better as I didn’t have enough time to properly comment on other blogs. Also, I felt like I was spamming my regular blog followers with all those posts.

I appreciate you taking the time to read my A to Z posts and to comment. Your encouragement, especially on the posts related to my memoir manuscript, helped me as revisions are under way. 
Would you like to try your hand at memoir or a personal essay? Here are two opportunities:

What are you working on today?