Enzo likes the simple wors and the funny Boynton artwork.

With the A to Z Challenge almost over, I decided to feature A to Z by Sandra Boynton for Perfect Picture Book Fridays. I may have to utlize this style for the A to Z Challenge in 2013. I’m feeling a bit “challenged” this month.

A to Z
Written and Illustrated by Sandra Boynton 
Little Simon Books, 1995, newly revised edition

Suitable for: Ages one and up

Theme/Topic: Alphabet

Aardvard Admiring
Beavers Ballooning
Cats Cleaning

Brief Synopsis: A simple alphabet books featuring animals and a funny action. Like “Hippos Hiding.”

Link to Resources: Back in February when I was all bold about participating in the A to Z. I offered the book Alphabet for Perfect Picture Book Fridays. It features a lot of animals too. Here’s an alphabet printable. We discuss ways (sometimes it’s a one-way discussion) the animals in Boynton’s book are doing unusual things. Here are alphabet worksheets.

Why I chose this book: I have the alphabet on the brain this month with the A to Z Challenge.

To find more picture books and resources, please visit Susanna Leonard Hill’s blog and look for the Perfect Picture Books page.

And, here’s what I was doing while typing this post:
Discount Starburst Jelly Beans. Yummy.