Photo by Tracy S. Williams

I received a rejection letter last week.

A person who gave me a reference suggested it was a conspiracy and I should “be on the lookout for a hitman for at least six months.” I don’t believe either point, so I immediately laughed.

Back to that rejection. I was one of 37 people, who applied to serve on a city committee about oil and gas development. I know I said in my goals that I had come to terms with the idea that I most likely can’t attend many public meetings on a topic of hydraulic fracturing.

To refresh, goal No. 10:

Frack — I mentioned this issue of hydraulic fracturing to obtain oil and gas deposits last year. While I would like to get involved more at a local level, I’ve decided county and city meetings and my baby sitting budget (zero) don’t go together. There are plenty of ways to stay involved, despite my inability to attend 10 a.m. meetings. I can watch meetings on TV/online; read city, county and state regulations proposals and offer comments; and stay informed on national issues. My frack blog is not a priority, but has been a good place to store articles on the topic. It’s personal research really, but who knows — maybe I’ll write a fiction piece on fracking in 2013.

Two days after I posted this, I saw a news article asking for committee volunteers. Hubby and I talked about it. I fretted. If we didn’t try, how would we feel? While it would be expensive to find a babysitter and a significant investment of time, how could we not afford to do this? Would there be any regret?

Yes. I would have regretted not trying.

I plotted out different scenarios to make it happen. By talking to lots of moms, throwing out ideas about bartering a day of childcare and squeezing out dollars in the weekly budget, I felt comfortable to submit the requested two-page resumé, letter of interest and three short essays. I admitted I am not a fan of fracking and disclosed my blog commentary on the topic.

By the time I turned in the material, I had several babysitter options lined up and had mentally carved out time in my schedule for three-hour long meetings for 19 weeks plus homework assignments.

On Friday, after a nice dinner with my family, I saw an email that I wasn’t selected to serve. The city selected seven strong candidates to work on the issue. While I won’t be serving, I can continue to stay informed on the issues and speak my mind to our elected leaders.

This wasn’t a futile exercise. Several fun things happened along the way to rejection:

  • I tried a new recipe for a breakfast pizza. Yummy.
  • I met a neighbor, who also liked the breakfast pizza, as we talked about babysiting. 
  • Instead of attending the oil and gas committee meeting today, I’m going to spend my morning writing. I scheduled a baby sitter to watch my son, just in case I was selected. I didn’t change those plans. 
I was disappointed I wasn’t selected, but I am grateful I had the opportunity to try. 
Have you had any opportunities fall in your lap recently?

Today, I’m also thankful for Mark Koopmans at Aloha, and Hi! from HI. He gave me the Versatile Blogger Award. He’s a stay-at-home dad of three boys, homeschools his oldest and is co-writing a memoir. With everything going on, I wasn’t able to participate in this cool “Follow Your Dreams Contest” he’s hosting at his blog. You have until 11:59 p.m. EST, Friday, Jan. 27 to enter or just stop by to say Aloha.