I’m reading this book Veronica’s Nap. I’m resisting the temptation to return to my bookmarked page on the Kindle.This book has been in front of me for a long time, but I ignored it. What was I thinking?

The talented author Sharon Bially has a blog where she has been sharing installments of the book. I follow the blog. I don’t like reading books on the desktop computer.

I missed out.

A wonderful story was in front of me and I looked away.

Safely in my Kindle, I plan to finish the novel as my end-of-week reward. I have a few more pages to write, a blog post or two and some networking. Then, I can return to Veronica’s story.

It makes sense that I would like the novel, as I love Sharon’s blog. It speaks to me as a writer and as a mom.

  • After I read this University of Life post, I shared it with a clerk at a craft store as she lamented she couldn’t afford college right now. 
  • For those considering self-publication, she shared helpful hints this week in Leveraging the Power of Amazon. Veronica’s Nap hit #1 in Kindle’s Jewish fiction category.
  • In December, Sharon announced several Changes including launching herself as a book publicist and writing a new novel. 
  • Type in Motherhood in her blog’s search bar and you’ll find several posts about women, who are mothers and writers. I always find useful information in these posts. I found what appears to be my first comment on her site (oh, our Internet DNA lives forever) on the post Women Creating Success
  • She writes guest posts on Writer Unboxed. She wrote one called Invest in Yourself. She talks about factoring in publicity as part of your writing expenses like manuscript consultations, editing and design. Read the comment near the end from her client. I love this thought. I don’t mean to be sneaky, but seriously — I think it’s worth the read. Go here, please.
If you want, check out Veronica’s Nap it’s available on Kindle or paperback at Amazon or you can grab a paperback at Barnes & Noble.
I’m grateful Sharon put Veronica’s Nap in Kindle format. I’m enjoying it.

I also want to thank Kelley at Between the Bookends. She’s a YA writer. She participated this week in the Can You Hit a Perfect Pitch? She gave me both the Versatile Blogger Award and the Kreativ Blogger Award. 
I shared 10 things about myself here.
Thank you Kelley!