Today, I’ve chosen How To Be  A Good Dog for Perfect Picture Book Fridays.

How To Be A Good Dog
Written and Illustrated by Gail Page
Bloomsbury Publishing, Children’s Books, 2006

Suitable for: Ages 3 and up

Theme/Topic: Behavior, Manners, Consequences, Dogs, Cats

Opening: Bobo tried hard to be a good dog.
He loved to hear Mrs. Birdhead say,
“You’re a good dog,
Bobo. Come, let’s get you a treat.”

Brief Synopsis: Cat helps Bobo, the dog, show Mrs. Birdhead how good he is.

Link to Resources: This book is a great way to talk about behavior and consequences with children. I mean everyone wants to be a good dog, er, boy or girl.

Your children can pretend to be Cat and read a book on on manners like Cookies: Bite Size Life Lessons (aged 5 to 8) from the Perfect Picture Book Fridays list. There are several titles under the consequences section too.

Teacher planet has some lesson plans on manners including items like a mealtime map.

Gail Page has a colorful website filled with examples of her illustrations. Plus, you can buy a greeting card with her illustrations on her site. Bobo is featured in another book adventure called Bobo and the New Neighbor. There is also a How To Be a Good Cat book.

Why I chose this book: Cousin Rosa gave Enzo this book as she purged some items from her bookshelf. Both the story and illustrations are fun, which make it an easy read in our house.

Bonus: I can hear the dog tails wagging every time we read the line, “You’re a good dog, Bobo. Come, let’s get you a treat.” I hear nothing when we go over the doggie commands like sit, heel and stay. Sigh.

To find more picture books and resources, visit Susanna Leonard Hill’s blog and look for the Perfect Picture Books page.