Photo by Tracy S. Williams

I read a lot of blogs. I’m a reader, stalker and groupie.

As I wrote in a guest post for The Word Shark Karen S. Elliott — “I get around. Some people might say a lot.” Just like those boats, I see a lot of blogs that look the same, but they are different.

Some are on real websites and others are on formats like Blogger or WordPress.

Last week, I  noticed Roni Loren, who uses Blogger, decided to move her Fiction Groupie blog to her website. She has a huge following — by my standards. Then, I noticed another writer C. Hope Clark is leaving Blogger too. These ladies are part of the reason, I always remind myself “it’s okay to have a address.” When I read their reasons for leaving — especially about the ability to maintain control over one’s own content — I got the itch to create a real website again.

I own my domain name. I have website notes scattered here and there. I have ideas from other writer’s websites. I have a list of WordPress Themes. I have a list of web designers.

I don’t have a published book yet.

With my new writing schedule and goal for a completed draft of my memoir before April, I can’t build a website anytime soon. So, I hope to satisfy that website building itch with a conversation here.

  • Can you tell me do you have a website or blog (Blogger or WordPress)? 
  • Are you a DIYer — Do it yourself — or did you hire someone to do it for you?
  • Anything you wish you had known before you jumped into the blog/website process?
  • Or anything else you want to tell me. I’m listening.

I’ll be a guest blogger at Julie Hedlund’s Write Up My Life site on Tuesday. She’s hosting unpublished children’s writers as part of the 12 x 12 in 2012 challenge. I’ll post a reminder here, if you are interested.