Here’s this week’s Perfect Picture Book Fridays.

How to Make a Night
Written by Linda Ashman
Illustrated by Tricia Tusa
Harper Collins Publishers, 2004

Suitable for: Ages preschool to 3

Theme/Topic: Bedtime, Night, Day, Rhyme

Opening: Bike blew a tire.
Boat sprang a leak.
Scooter’s in the gutter.
Sneaker’s in the creek.

Brief Synopsis: I tried to sum this up then re-read part inside cover. Why reinvent the wheel? Here it is: “In this fantastic bedtime tale, a hectic day is put to bed, and a peaceful starry night fills the sky so everyone can rest. Linda Ashman and Tricia Tusa have created a magical world in which the sun and the moon cooperate with a resourceful young girl who is ready to put her busy day behind her and settle down to a good night’s sleep — so she can wake up to another exciting day tomorrow!”

Link to Resources: The Under the Golden Apple Tree blog has a post on how to Make a Bedtime Lessons Book for Your Preschooler. I’m making one of these. I shared some bedtime resources in this PPBF for Time for Bed.

Why I chose this book: I signed Enzo up this week for the summer reading program at the library. He ran around like a crazy person or toddler — whatever term you prefer — as I grabbed books off the shelf. I enjoy Linda Ashman’s books. Since I was limited to the A and B author shelves, I grabbed a couple of Ashman’s books. We’re going through a phase where a certain Mr. No doesn’t really enjoy going to bed. So, I really liked this story, because I wish he wanted to go to bed and rest.

The Perfect Picture Book Fridays series will take a break from June 22 to Aug. 31. I will take a break on Fridays too. I’ll still be lurking around the Internet, revising the memoir, working on class assignments, writing my picture book manuscripts and living.

So, I’m down to Thankful Thursdays for the summer. You can fill up your child’s summer reading list by looking at the list of great picture books at Susanna Leonard Hill’s blog.