Who says you can’t jump into a good book?

Today, I signed up for the Blogging from A to Z Challenge. Arlee Bird at Tossing it Out began the challenge back in 2010.

The challenge — blog every day except Sundays for each letter in the alphabet. My plan is to write an A to Z memoir — short personal essays that focus on that day’s letter. So, I’m using this challenge to hone my essay skills.

My topics chose themselves as I wrote down the letters. It seemed like a number of travel, life and thoughts raced through my head. By looking at my entire list, I have a general outline of what I want to write. I have drafts of A through F. Plus, this gives me time to find photos to represent those moments.

My A to Z posts will be written in advance, so I can manage my time better during the month. I will continue with Perfect Picture Book Friday posts, but will skip Thankful Thursday posts for April. I’ll spend time getting to know new bloggers and will keep track of my regular friends too. Other writing projects include the ongoing 12 x 12 in 2012 picture book challenge and I’ll attend the Pikes Peak Writer’s Conference.

I hope to have a full draft of my memoir manuscript by April. I’m doing the vomit draft I talked about earlier this month — five pages, five days a week. When I sat down at my computer this morning, I had 103 pages or more than 29,000 words.

Trust me, it needs work. If I get stuck or am missing a detail, I type TK — to remind myself there’s a hole — and move on. If I didn’t do this, I might still be on page 5. While I’m fairly close to details, it’s been a decade since some of these events happened. Was it a $10 or a $15 check I wrote for the procedure that triggered my late husband’s catastrophic stroke? Do I need that detail? Maybe, if I’m illustrating the importance of health insurance coverage. I can research and/or delete these items in the revision phase.

I’ve found myself behind on blog reading and commenting, but I’m delighted in the forward motion with this manuscript.

And, about that picture above. Enzo began exploring some of the books I found at the library’s weekend book sale. We stopped at 20 books.

So, how are your writing goals going?