Photo by Tracy S. Williams

Who’s there?
Behind Who?
Look behind you, because I’m way behind on everything. 
Where did the weekend go? Hubby was away last week for work. Some of our weekend involved kiddo reminding his Da Da what he missed like elbows in the nose and a little body wiggling all over the place.
I revised my February 12 x 12 in 2012 picture book manuscript and shared it at our local SCWBI critique group meeting. All three in the picture book group are doing the 12x challenge. These meetings give me an opportunity to get feedback on my work, to catch errors (some are pointed out to me and others are found when I read my work to an audience) and to learn from the critique of other writer’s work. I always get a mini-lesson from the critique sessions. 
Sunday morning vanished in the kitchen as I made a dessert/breakfast pizza concoction for church. The mother’s group provided refreshments between services. Ever realize way too late that you should have set your alarm for an hour earlier? Live and learn.
I felt busy this weekend, but I didn’t make it through my To Do list or the Perfect Picture Book Fridays’ linky list. Today is Presidents’ Day in the U.S., of course, this means Hubby is home, so my day might be different. 
We’ll see if I can catch up on some things or stay behind. 
Either way, I’ll be blogging on Tuesday over at Clarbojahn’s Blog
What happened in your world over the weekend or are you just looking forward to this new, bright and shiny week ahead?