Nope. That’s not a fun title for a Perfect Picture Book Friday post.
I’m going to be realistic and call “Break!” right now. You know that’s like calling “Shotgun!” or “Last piece.” Well, maybe not. See, I’m not making sense. “Break!”
I’m in the middle of final projects — two complete websites — at this very minute. When I was testing a link, I realized I hadn’t posted my Perfect Picture Book Friday. 
Instead, I’ll just share this:

Yep. I’m a winner!

I wrote 97 picture book ideas in November. This badge is a great prize, plus all those ideas.

Once my projects are complete, I will write my 12x draft, write a little holiday contest story, and write my goals for 2013. If all goes well with my final projects, I’ll have a real website and can mark that off my list. Of course, I’ll enjoy Christmas (we visit Santa on Saturday), family, and holiday treats.

Have a wonderful December and holiday season!