We found this Perfect Picture Book Friday at the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo:

Zoo Poo
Written and Illustrated by Richard Morgan
Barron’s, 2004

Suitable for: Ages 2 and up

Theme/Topic: Poo, Potty Training

Opening: “How do you doo-doo at the zoo?”

Brief Synopsis: Charlie watches the animals poo-in-progress during a visit to the zoo. In the end, he shows how he poos differently.

Link to Resources: The book has a page of tips for parents to talk about potty training. Charlie leaves a note of encouragement at the end of the story explaining his potty experience.

Why I chose the book: This was an impulse purchase as we “exited through the gift shop.” Earlier, we watched a hippo swimming with her floating poop. Plus, I have a boy. I may need to familiarize myself with bathroom/poo-type humor. Anyone have a great resource or potty training tip? I may need those myself soon.

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I hope everyone had a great Picture Book Idea Month. I’ve spent a lot of time in hiding doing homework and wrapping up final projects for this semester, but have been jotting down ideas. My goal next year should be for one a day. PiBoIdMo always gets the creative juices flowing. Thanks again Tara Lazar!