No time like the present to begin posting again! We’ve read a lot of great picture books in recent months.

I know the  Perfect Picture Book Friday list is on hiatus for the summer, but wanted to share this book now.

This week’s selection is a book from Rocky Mountain Chapter (Colorado) SCBWI member MaryAnn Sundby. The book releases on September 27 and is from Ripple Grove Press. The book was recently mentioned by Elizabeth Bird’s blog in a post titled — Some of the Best Picture Books of 2016 Thus Far (Mid-Year Summary).

Title: Monday is Wash Day
Author: MaryAnn Sundby
Illustrator: Tessa Blackham
Ripple Grove Press, 2016
Themes/Topics: Chores, Family

Opening: Rain or shine, Monday is wash day.

Brief Synopsis: (from Amazon):
In this timeless story from a time not so long ago, Annie and her sister help Mama with washing the clothes on Monday morning. From gathering and sorting the clothes, to washing and hanging them outside to dry, to folding and putting them away, the family works together to get the job done.
“First we work and then we play.” Mama smiles but walks with purpose to the porch.
Tessa Blackham’s warm, hand-painted cut-paper collages bring the reader to a time in the Midwest when doing the laundry was an all-day family chore.

Links to Resources: Talk to your children about chores. You can create a chore chart. Here’s a custom printable one or visit Pinterest for Creative Chore Charts galore. There are several articles online about how historically there was a strict order to the household schedules like Monday was Washday. 

Why I Like this Book: The story is nostalgic. At my age, I still recall my grandmother’s outhouse before indoor plumbing was installed. I’ve never participated in a wash day and neither has my son, but this book gives a glimpse into that world. We have dryers and our neighborhood doesn’t even allow permanent clothes lines. This book is a window to a different world. I’ve met the author MaryAnn Sundby at several SCBWI events and she is delightful and kind.


Share in the comments a memory of your favorite chore or maybe a not so favorite chore. I will put your name in a drawing to win a copy of Monday is Wash Day. Names will be put in a hat and drawn on Sept. 2. The book can only be mailed to a U.S. address.

So, comment below for a chance to win your own copy of the book.

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