It’s a little iPhone action fuzzy, but I hope you get the idea.

Last week, I lost sleep over a crib jail break situation. This week, I’m grateful for all the new stories after we converted the crib to this toddler bed arrangement. If he’s missing, I know where to look after I saw this.

I also wanted to thank Lara Schiffbauer at Motivation for Creation for giving me the Dream Launcher and Sunshine Awards. Her posts are always fun and helpful. In her awards post, she shared the “most important thing that happened to me this year.” She shared a critique experience at a conference that influenced her self-esteem as a writer.

Plus, I discovered we both have Viszlas. Her Viszla in Raymi.

Ours is Mauly — as in Mauly Bones.

Mauly points at cats and deer. She’s supposed to point at birds. 

Now that I’ve mentioned my kid and dog, I believe this officially falls into that note in my posting schedule: “Sometimes, life in general sneaks into a post.”