Mouse Paint
Written and Illustrated by Ellen Stoll Walsh
Red Wagon Books Harcourt, Inc., 1989

Suitable for: Ages 1 to 3

Theme/Topic: Colors, Exploration, Humor

Once there were three white mice on a white piece of paper.
The cat couldn’t find them.

Brief Synopsis: From the summary — Three white mice discover jars of red, blue, and yellow paint and explore the world of color.

Link to resources: A homeschool unit on Ellen Stoll Walsh’s books. Three color worksheets and colors recognition practice information and worksheets. Eric VanRaepenbusch’s ebook Three Ghost Friends Learn About Colors is a cute way to add another story about color. Three Ghost Friends also has a color craft stick sorting activity. Enzo likes both his Mouse Paint board book and flipping the digital pages of Eric’s book.

Why I chose this book: Enzo received this book from his cousins Emmett and Owen in Pocatello, Idaho. We had a fun visit with them last summer. They taught him how to wrestle. Today, the book teaches him how to mix colors. He continues to wrestle.

To find more picture books and resources, please visit Susanna Leonard Hill’s blog and look for the Perfect Picture Books page.

A Life in General note — I didn’t mention this on Monday’s blog, because Tuesday was election day (or the day it was official, because no election took place). I earned a spot on my neighborhood’s metro district board of directors. 

Logical question: “So, what will you do Stacy?” Once I finish reading the hundreds of pages I received late Wednesday, I can answer the question. I asked for the material earlier. Sigh. 

I signed up for the position in February for one of three openings, so residents will have a representative on the government board overseeing our taxes, etc. I’ll take my oath on Monday.

This week, I also received a jury summons for June. I’m still trying to figure out childcare, my class schedule and volunteer duties at Vacation Bible School. Hubby pointed out that as a student, I can delay service to a future date. I’ve never done that before. The uncertainty of jury duty — do I report, do I not, do I get selected, do I keep having to report to the courtroom each day — seemed much more exciting before I had to worry about childcare.  Oh, it’s not going to be a boring summer!

Happy Mother’s Day!