Created by Illustrator Bonnie Adamson

November arrived and so did Picture Book Idea Month.

I’m sure I can channel today’s snow into a few picture book ideas.

I know many of my friends are writing out 1,666 words a day for National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo). My picture book ideas haven’t taken up that much space on the page. A few ideas have sparked 50 words or so as I fleshed out some details.

If you want to join in the PiBoIdMo fun, sign up here before Nov. 3.

As I’ve mentioned before, my blog posts will focus on picture books this month.

On Mondays: There will be a photo prompt to spark an idea or two. Another photo will appear on my Facebook page, if I figured out how to schedule it properly through Hootsuite.

On Wednesdays:  I’ve asked several picture book writers to guest post.

This schedule includes:

On Thursdays: I’ll focus on a picture book authors and resources for picture book writers.

In addition to the 30 ideas (or more you’ll have at the end of November), you’ll also have a network of picture book writers. Participants are connecting through Twitter, blogs and a Facebook group.

Take a look at the posts on author Tara Lazar’s site about the challenge already. The posts continue until the end of the month.
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So what are you working on in November? A special challenge or just writing.