Here’s your Monday photo prompt for Picture Book Idea Month.
This guest photo prompt is courtesy of Karen S. Elliott – The Word Shark.

Karen also has a fun contest going on at her blog called The “Paint the Writer’s Wagon” Contest. She lives in Minot, North Dakota. She lost her home to the floods almost five months ago. She just recently moved into this FEMA box. There are prizes for the best entry, but you know I think helping Karen spruce up her new digs (even if it’s just on paper) is a great idea.

You’ll find another photo prompt on Facebook too.
On Wednesday, children’s book author and freelance writer Julie Hedlund from Write Up My Life will visit to talk about voice in picture books.

If you aren’t familiar with Julie’s website, take time to visit. She has a “How I got My Agent” Series with fun interviews and helpful information. She has a sidebar filled with links. And, every Sunday she posts a “Gratitude Sunday” post filled with little and big moments and end with a question:  What are you grateful for this week?

So, how are your picture book ideas flowing so far during the challenge? Or, how is NaNoWriMo treating you? I hope your Monday is filled with ideas.