Here’s another book for Perfect Picture Book Friday.

Harry Hungry
Written and Illustrated by Steven Salerno
Harcourt, Inc., 2009

Suitable for: Ages 4 and up

Theme/Topic: Eating, Humor

Opening: “Hungry,” Harry murmured. “Harry Hungry.”
His tummy grumbled and rumbled.
“Hungry!” Harry yelled.
GrrrrrrrrGrrrrrGrrrr! (well this line stretches across a doubles spread)
“In a minute,” Momma called.

Brief Synopsis: Diaper clad Harry is hungry. The food in the house doesn’t satisfy him, so he ventures outside to satisfy his hunger.

Link to resources: Health eating lesson plans, 10 ways to get kids to eat healthy food The story is a great talking point for hyperbole with lines like — “Harry pulled open the refrigerator and … ate everything inside.”

Why I chose this book: I love that Harry eats his way through the house and throughout the community. As a parent of a growing toddler, I can relate to this scenario. It feels like he’s eating everything — and I mean everything just like Harry!

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