P is for pencil box

I wrote this in January while taking the Writing the Heartache Class offered by author Alice Wisler.

Pencil boxes for you

Your pencil boxes no longer hold your stuff.
They served you well for several years.
With Velcro, they kept your TV remote in place.
With a label, they gave a clue to their contents.
When you no longer needed them, I packed them up.
I traveled to another state alone with the stacked boxes.
They contained tiny mementos I wanted with me.
One held pens, you laughed at how I collected them.
A few years later, I moved again with boxes in tow.
This time, I was not alone. I met someone new.
As our households merged, I shared the boxes.
I thought you would understand. The boxes were useful. 
Today, a little boy stuffs Goldfish snacks into a blue one.  
He giggles as he closes a red, hinged lid on his crayons.
Each box cost a quarter at a back-to-school sale.
I marvel how something so small stays in my life.