Here’s an entry into Susanna Leonard Hill’s Perfect Picture Books series.

There’s Just something About a Boy
Written by Jenny Lee Sulpizio and Illustrated by Peg Lozier.
Ajoyin Publication Inc., 2011

Suitable for: Ages 2 and up

Theme/Topic: Family, Mother-Son relationship

Recalling the moment, that special day
Your tiny image took my breath away.
A precious baby with nothing to hide
My sweet, little son nestled inside.
There’s just something about a boy …

Brief Synopsis: From birth to adulthood, a mother shares the special moments in her son’s life that make it clear “There’s just something about a boy” and about a mother-son bond.

Link to resources: There are lots of resources about mother and son activities on the Internet. The story offers some hints on mother-son activities. A mother and son can create a scrapbook or journal about their daily adventures big and small. Mother and son can create a baby book to include milestones, pictures and memorable events.

Why I chose this book:  The story is very touching and sweet. A bonus: Lots of humor in the illustrations. Jenny shared ideas here in November. This is her second book. The first is Mommy Whispers. In October, Jenny talked about her publication journey over at Marcy Kennedy and Lisa Hall-Wilson’s Girls With Pens blog during their self-publishing week.