Happy Halloween!
Author Susanna Leonard Hill is hosting a Halloweensie Story contest this week.

Wilda, Frankie and Barry
By Stacy S. Jensen

A witch, Frankenstein and a bat walked down the street with pumpkin shaped pails.
The trio yelled “Trick-or-Treat” at every door, until they arrived at the Nelson place.
Vines snaked along the dark path to the front door.
“I’m scared,” Frankie said.
“I need a light,” Wilda said.
“I want to go home,” Barry said fluttering his wings.
Before anyone knocked, they saw a flash of red as Santa jumped out.


“I want my Mummy,” the children screamed all the way home.
Santa scratched his head. “But, the last group of kids got a treat.”
Good grief, I couldn’t figure out how to write this one. The result: Four different versions. They all seemed to have a line similar to a picture book I’ve recently read or wanted to read.

As time slipped away, I decided on “Boo!” So, for those Owl Babies fans, you’ll note the nod to “I want my mommy.” That’s my digital collage at the top, using images I recently purchased for a use just like this. One day, I hope to create my own characters.

I can’t wait to read the entries this year. Please visit Susanna’s blog for the 100 words or less stories.