With all our birthday celebrations last weekend, my plan to work on my story for author Susanna Leonard Hill’s contest didn’t work out. 
Instead, we visited the zoo twice, ate out and had sweet treats. Tons of family fun. My entry is very drafty, draft, but I promise you won’t be disappointed by the other entries. Please visit this talented group of writers for birthday fun. 

Dan’s Birthday Plan
Dan had to stop Christmas. It was the only way his birthday would be normal. Every year, he celebrated Christmas one day and on the next his birthday.
As Mom announced time for dinner, Dan jumped in.
“We can’t have Christmas. If we do, my birthday will be ruined.”
Dan knew the reason for the season, but his Christmas and birthday presents always had a part missing.
“Christmas always splits my birthday,” Dan said. 
“It doesn’t,” Mom said. “That’s your special day. This is another one.”
“Why did I get arrows on Christmas Day and a bow on my birthday?” Dan asked.
“They were two separate gifts,” his sister Sue said. 
“One year, I got multi-colored pencils for Christmas. I had nothing to write on until paper arrived on my birthday,” Dan said.
“You had to sharpen the pencils,” cousin Bobby said reaching for a roll.
“The leather baseball glove,” Dan said.
“What was wrong with that?” Dad asked.
“I couldn’t play catch until my birthday. That’s when you gave me a baseball.”
Grandma put her arms around Dan.
“We don’t need to cancel Christmas or your birthday. We’ll celebrate both with no missing parts — right Mom and Dad?”
His parents agreed and they all sat down to eat.
During the gift exchange, Dan tore the Christmas paper and opened the box to find one tennis shoes.
“Oops,” Mom said. She left and returned with a birthday package. Dan opened the box. He beamed holding the shoes. “A pair of shoes for Christmas!“
“Everything worked out,” Grandma said. “Now are you ready for your birthday?”
“Yes,” Dan said and noticed a jar of jelly in his stocking. “Who knows what I’ll get for my birthday.”
With one shoe, you might look like this. 
When Susanna tossed out this contest, I asked some Facebook friends for birthday disasters. My fifth grade teacher Mr. Worley mentioned how his birthday falls on the day after Christmas and how his presents — bows, arrows and yes even shoes were split. I need to amp up the funny, but I thank Mr. Worley for the idea!