This is for my Young Jedi Friend Renn:

 You can read about Renn at The Brain of a Jedi … and his journey through Epilepsy. He’s in the hospital this week for more tests. Medical tests are no fun!

Many bloggers are joining together to send good wishes, prayers, the power of the Star Wars (a favorite of this little Jedi) to Renn and his family.

Author Susanna Leonard Hill has a link to multiple well wishes for Renn on her blog. Take a look.

Send a happy thought or prayer into the universe for Renn and his family. His mom is children’s author Bethany Telles.

Hospitals are no fun, especially for little guys, moms, dads, and little brothers. So we’re all sending out good vibes into the universe.

I hope this week will be helpful for Renn and his family as they search for more answers into his condition. Good luck. I know the Force is with you all.