This is the eleventh post in a series of 12 ways to help authors (and your writing) by reading.

And, here is where we spend money. 
Consider buying: 

  • a print book
  • a digital version
  • as many as you can

Buying books is essential to your writing career. If you don’t buy books (when you can), who will? If you don’t buy books, how can you expect others to buy your books?

I utilize many of the free ways to read books — the library, a loan, a review copy, and free promotions. But, I also strategically use my extra cash for the books I really enjoy and want to own. If I see an author at a conference, I will buy books and get them signed.

If you can’t get the physical book, consider digital versions of your favorite books. If I can’t find a picture book at the library, I will buy the discounted ebook. {I recommend you review picture books immediately after purchase, because the format quality is not always ideal. I’ve asked Amazon for a refund for some picture book ebooks due to the poor quality. So, always check your picture books. If you aren’t happy, return it.}

The digital market has reduced the cost of many books, especially series. You can often buy the first book at a reduced rate (or even free), because the publisher knows you’ll get hooked and buy the other books in the series. Divergent by Veronica Roth is less expensive than Insurgent or Allegiant.

The fact you can begin reading ebooks immediately is priceless.

If you don’t have money for books, don’t buy them! But, remember, if you don’t make buying books a priority, don’t be offended when a publisher says the market isn’t ready for your book, because {insert your type of book} doesn’t sell well.
For writers, buying books is important to keep the publishing industry open for business, to authors who want to make a living, and to bookstores and online retailers.

What’s your favorite method for buying books?

Reading: I’m still working my way through the  The Death Class: A True Story About Life by Erika Hayasaki.

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day!
I don’t have anything green for you, but I did make this video for a contest our Pikes Peak Library District is holding. I’m taking the Video Idiot Boot Camp with Katie Davis. I’m not finished with the class, so I’m sure the remaining lessons will help me clear up a few problems I know I have. I shot this video with my iPhone and an 8mm app. I used graphics instead of audio, because I haven’t had that lesson yet.