Here’s my selection for Perfect Picture Book Friday:

Ninja, Ninja Never Stop!
Todd Tuell
Tad Carpenter
Scholastic, 2014
Suitable for ages: 2-5 years
Theme/Topic: Ninjas, Siblings, Rhyming

Opening Spread:
Ninja short,
Ninja tall.
Ninja jump,
Ninja crawl.

Brief Synopsis: From the publisher’s website — Follow this little ninja as he sneaks up on the family dog, swipes a cookie from his brother, and escapes from Granny’s kiss . . . only to be out-ninja’d by his younger brother’s sneak attack! Young readers will be drawn in by the fast-paced rhymes that parallel the little ninja’s quick moves, and will chant the refrain with glee! This humorous ode to stalking, sneaking, spying, and scheming is sure to be read over and over again, inspiring imaginary play for a new generation of ninjas.

Resources: Ninja Party Games

Why I Like This: This naughty ninja has a great personality. This book is a feast of short text and colors. We ordered our copy via the Scholastic order form at school. I was delighted to see this title as Todd Tuell is a co-coordinator of the Rocky Mountain Chapter of SCBWI and a Colorado author. This book will be on my list for future birthday party books!

We read this book before bedtime after Enzo had a “ninja incident” at school. At recess, he and other boys were playing ninja. There was a timeout. Enzo made it very clear that the weapons used were not real. “They were pretend, Mom!” If I could capture his exasperated sigh, I would share that here. Trust me, it’s priceless.

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