I found this Perfect Picture Book at the library: 

Roar of a Snore
Written by Marsha Diane Arnold
Pictures by Pierre Pratt
Dial Books for Young Readers, 2006

Suitable for: Ages 3 and up

Theme/topic: Sleep

Opening: The sky was dark. The stars were bright.
Each Huffle fast asleep that night.

Brief Synopsis: Disturbed by a deafening snore, Jake wakes up the family and animals one by one in search of the noisy culprit.

Link to resources: Activities on the author’s website include Building Storytelling Skills. The activity sheet can be downloaded as a PDF or a Word document.

Why I chose the book: I found this at the library and fell in love with the names in the book — Blue, Sue, Papa Ben and Mama Gwyn, Josie Jo and Jennie Lynn — as Jack investigates the noise. Re-reading the book for this post also reminded me of my recent trip to visit family. The whole house rumbled with noises as everyone slept. I know I wasn’t snoring, only because I was sitting at the kitchen table doing homework.

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