Today, I’m joining in Susanna Leonard Hill’s Perfect Picture Book
Visit her site to see the other books recommended by other picture book writers and readers. It’s the first week and may change a bit. 
I’m participating for two reasons: I like the idea of finding more picture books to read and as a mom, I haven’t explored adding resources and activities to my son’s reading experience. My son loves board books. He eats them and gladly hands me ones to read to him.  
Owl Babies —Written by Martin Waddell and Illustrated by Patrick Benson

Candlewick Press, Text copyright 1992, First board book edition 1996

Suitable for: Age 1 and up

Themes/Topics: Separation


Once there were three baby owls:
Sarah and Percy and Bill. 

Brief synopsis: The baby owls think their way through their mom’s absence.  Or as the cover says:  “(The book) … offers the gentle promise needed by every young child that Mommy will always come home.”

Link to resources: 
Free Owl Babies lesson plans and lap book
An Owl Babies story pack
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Why I chose this book: My son has reached the separation stage. He gets anxious and cries sometimes when I leave. He received this book as a gift. He likes the actions of the owl siblings. I like their message that Mommy returns. For now, I think it soothes me more than him.